Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall is here...

I officially know that fall has arrived when the calendar has more pen marks on it than my high school math tests. Incidentally, I wasn't very good at math.

I'll spare the gory details...
  • Fall kick off came and amazes me how good some students are at DDR
  • Supertour came and was loud and I've never seen a bigger mess in a sanctuary
  • Ministry Plan deadline came and went...I got mine done and need to present it at the board meeting next week
  • Baptism 101 came and student ready for next week!
  • Saturday soccer came and went...a draw with Reading? Good grief!
  • Sunday morning kick off came and went...absolute blast

In other news, I was awakened today with the news that a vehicle we had borrowed from friends had been stolen. It appeared as though someone tried to steal my in-laws vehicle (there were scissors in the ignition) but since they had no progress had decided to steal our borrowed truck.

We called the police and I went to work. I was at work when the police arrived to get my wife to fill out a police report. Then I got the phone call.

"Mike, didn't you drive the truck to church yesterday?"

Umm...yeah. I drove to church early in the truck and parked in the mall parking lot across the street. Erin and the kids came later, parked in a different spot and we all stayed around for our kick off BBQ after the service. When all was said and done we packed up and headed home. In the same vehicle! Being the master genius that I am, I completely forgot the truck in the mall parking lot.

When I stood up in my office and looked at the mall parking lot, I could see the truck that had prematurely been reported stolen. I'm feeling like the biggest idiot ever today! Enjoy a laugh or two at my expense. Everyone else is!


Bedlam said...

Well, if you had a scooter this problem would not have happened. You would have had your helmet in hand to remind you.

Our moment was just finishing up a nice day with the kids and forgetting that the bike chariot was on top of the van as we pulled into the under ground parking at the mall. :<0

Knotter said...

Too if only you could convince my wife (or anyone else for that matter) to actually buy me a scooter...

Too bad about the bike chariot. I guess it was the kids fault though, eh?

And when can we expect your blog to be up and running?