Monday, August 31, 2009

Staff Retreat...

Tomorrow our pastoral staff team is taking off for a 2 day retreat at Camp Kawkawa. We're doing some brainstorming and planning for our teaching schedule for the upcoming year and we're trying to get some service design done in four of our upcoming contemporary services.

Taking off with the staff for something like this is another new adventure for me, and I've never been a part of a massive planning process like this in my 9 years of full time ministry, but I'm super stoked for it.

I love the creative process and the idea of asking "what about..." and "what if..." and seeing where God leads us is something I'm looking forward to.

I love watching how the ideas are birthed and how they grow and morph.

I love seeing a team come up with an idea that is bigger than what any one individual could have come up with.

And I love the fact that we can just dream and talk and see where it leads.

You'll have to let is know this fall how it all turns out.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book #32...

I've been falling behind on my reading lately. The TV and sleep have been winning out on a regular basis, and that's not necessarily good for me. Well, maybe the sleep is. The TV definitely isn't.

The Scarecrow
Michael Connelly

I'm lacking the energy to actually write a review. I tried this book after seeing it on a bestsellers list. And I enjoyed reading it. Simple as that.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's official...

We made a fairly significant change to our student ministry schedule for the fall. We're adding a Tuesday night event just for our grade 7 & 8 students. Our Wednesday night stays the same for our high school crowd.

But there's another exciting piece of information that got the official thumbs up on Thursday night.

But I'm not going to spill the beans yet.

I'll keep you posted as things develop. But I think it will be a great improvement for our student ministry.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


With Erin starting school this fall in Coquitlam we were in a place where we knew a second car would certainly be helpful. We've been able to make it with one car for a number of years, but it seems to get a little more chaotic each year that the kids get older.

So we started hunting during my vacation. I scoured Craigslist and BuyAndSell and Auto Trader. We drove around looking at car lots. We test drove used cars and new cars. We made phone calls and sent emails. We even put a deposit on one car, only to back out after doing some more homework.

But then along come two of the most generous friends a person could ever hope for. They offer to buy us a car. Uh...yeah. Their rationale? They know a pastoral salary isn't much and they know that we're trying to get Erin to school, so they felt like they were in a place where they could help out.

This was a humbling process for me. At first I struggled with it...a lot. I felt like it was an expense that I should be responsible for. It was something that I should do. People shouldn't be buying me cars. But the more that we talked about it, the more I felt God trying to get through to me.

His words: "Don't be an idiot. Accept the gift." (loose paraphrase)

So we accepted. And a week or so later we signed all the papers on this little gem.

Yes, it's baby blue.

Yes, it used to be owned by a teenage girl.

But it's got 4 wheels, and it runs pretty good.

And I am learning that sometimes it is harder to receive than it is to give.

I am humbled by the generosity of others.

Thank you my friends.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I learned at summer camp...

Sure, I was only there for just over two years, but here's what I learned:
  • Trying to learn everyone's camp names is confusing. During some prayer time last night before I left I was asking people their real name so I could pray for them. It felt like I was cheating.
  • Remembering to use my own camp name is down right impossible.
  • It's been 13 years since I have been on water skis or a wake board, but I can still stand up.
  • My body responds much differently than it did 13 years ago after an afternoon of water skiing & tubing. I can hardly move today.
  • Talking with a student about Jesus for an hour reminds me why I do what I do.
  • I can't believe it's been 15-16 years since I last went to camp.
I'll award 10,000 points to anyone who can correctly guess my camp name.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've never been a "camp speaker" before. I'm currently trying to get the rest of my stuff together before I head out to Kawkawa for a couple of days to hang out with their senior high camp. I have NO idea what to expect.

But at least it's supposed to be sunny.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midsummer Update...

A little bit of recap mixed with a little bit of looking ahead, here's my world in a nutshell (in no particular order):
  • Got new (at least to us) wheels. It was a freebie from some AMAZING friends! I'll post some pics soon.
  • Listening to Owl City
  • Reading Looking Up by Michael J Fox
  • Also reading Kurt & Scott's Junior High Adventure
  • Gearing up for some student ministry changes for the fall. Stay tuned!
  • Trying to get our events calendar and teaching schedule lined up.
  • Gearing up for some Sunday morning service changes for fall.
  • Celebrating 11 years with an amazing woman.
  • Trying to fix my PC graphics card. Turns out I'll get a new one for free because of a recall.
  • Awaiting the official start of a new EPL season.
  • Heading out to speak at Camp Kawkawa for a couple of days early next week.
  • Still washing and drying tents in my backyard.
  • Preparing for the wedding of two of our friends that I'm residing over next weekend.
  • Fixed a shower, even though I'm not entirely convinced that it's not leaking somewhere that I can't see.
  • Heading out for a night on the town with some friends to watch some improv.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Anyone around here remember a band called Jesse James from the good ole Canadian Bible College days?

They had a song called Squatch. I think it was about the mascot for the now defunct Seattle SuperSonics.

This has no relevance to my post.

Anyways, we spent this past weekend at Sasquatch Provincial Park with some of our students and leaders. Unlike last year, it did not rain the entire weekend. But it did rain enough on the last night there that all our camping gear is soaked.

Said gear is now strewn all over my yard as I try to clean and dry the tents and tarps. This is the part they never train you for in Bible college.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Honest reflections...

I struggle with how I view myself. I find that I regularly battle the thoughts racing through my head that I'm not good enough. And it's not just the little things like I don't think I'm a good enough guitar player, it's the big ones. The ideas that I'm not a good enough husband, father, pastor.

So, I think it was very fitting that I picked up a copy of Jud Wilhite's "Eyes Wide Open" (book #31 of the year if you're keeping track).

When I got the book I was thinking I would just fly right through it, because it's not very long. But as I started reading I knew I had to spend some time processing because it was hitting close to home. I needed to not just read it....I needed to READ it.

Who am I?

What does God see in me?

How do I fully embrace who he created me to be?

How do I live that out on a daily basis?

I'll admit that I'm usually the first one to try and be something I'm not. I have a tendency to put on the masks so others don't see the real me. I tend to keep people at a distance for some reason.

I'm still trying to figure this all out. I'm not sure where I'll end up some days, but I'm thankful for a patient and loving group of family and friends that surround me.

I've got an extra copy of Jud's book on my shelf that I'd be happy to give away. Leave a comment that has something to do with how you view yourself (good, bad or ugly). I'll pick a random comment next Tuesday afternoon and send you the book.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Who am I...

I haven't blogged since last month?!?!

And I apparently give everyone else a hard time for not blogging. Maybe I should do a little self reflection?

With family, friends, youth, reading, guitar playing , tent cleaning and watching Whale Wars, I've found little time left over for anything else.

Oh, and I'm on the hunt for some new TV, so I'd love to hear your recommendations of what's good.