Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Academy Awards & YM...

Last Tuesday my wife and I performed one of our last official duties in Youth Ministry at our "old church". We attended a High School play. You know, the type that is filled with lots of giggles, a little out of tune singing (ok, maybe more than just a little), some good acting, a little bad acting, and lots of familiar faces.

I've sat through some awful plays during the years, but I need to admit that this was by far the best I've seen. Sure, it still wasn't Oscar worthy, but it was miles beyond the previous years. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that we actually knew 75% of the cast.

In past years I've gone and watched an entire play because only 1 or 2 students were in it. But this year, it would appear that we have a pile of budding thespians. Most were students who have come to an event or a Bible study while a few were from soccer teams that I coached. It just went to show me how far a YP's impact reaches into a community. And that didn't take a whole lot of work. Most of it just happened.

I'm not trying to pat myself on the back, for fear of my arm falling off, but it was just a great memory to part with. I will miss those kids. They've left a mark on my life that will not go away (and that's ok with me). And for that I am grateful. I may not get any of those hours back that I've spent sitting in that Community Center, but I don't mind.

I love what I do, and I can't wait until I get to do it again.

Monday, November 28, 2005

I just want my stuff...

So all our stuff is crammed into the basement here as we wait for another bedroom to be finished up. That means we can actually access very little of our stuff. And with nothing else to do, I'd love to be playing some games on my PC or sleeping on my bed.

Today we had the great joy of getting our car checked out. Just another check-up that the province wants me to do before they'll insure my car. Over and hour later (most of that spent wandering a lame little mall with my wife & daughter--my son stayed with Gramma) we were on our way...oh and my wallet was less $120.

Spent some quality time with my Ipod after the kids went to bed tonight and even caught up on my "Dirty Little Secrets" (xxxchurch) podcast. Ok, so I didn't actually catch up...I'm still only on episode 5 of 11. Or maybe it's 12 or 13 by now. I wouldn't know since I can't get at my PC. You see my dillema?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

And we made it...

So we made it safe and sound around breakfast on Friday morning (we drove through the night). And our stuff just arrived today and is now taking up the in-laws basement. A full house of people and stuff...yikes! Hopefully we don't drive everyone crazy.

On another note, we're currently in talks with a church. Apparently they're quite interested in us (as we are in them, I might add) and they just had an "extended interview" with us today after church. They've checked our references, had one of their staff meet with us for lunch and they've presented our name to their Elder's Board. They had a few more questions which meant that we needed to get together today. Now they need to go back to the elders.

It went very well and so far, we are very excited by what we hear. But now we go back to waiting. If they are interested, we'll probably get a call to candidate sometime in the next few weeks. Wow...that'll really change how our future looks. But it would be a great Christmas gift!

This may not be normal, but it certainly is an adventure. And right now, I'm actually enjoying it.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Late last night I was sitting in front of the TV watching Fox Spots World. Then came the news that Roy Keane was calling it quits at Manchester United. I was stunned. I still am to some degree.

Some say they saw this coming with all the trouble he's gotten into lately especially when speaking about the team. A team, I might add, that had been totally stinking the joint out. He said what everyone wanted to hear...and what everyone needed to hear.

But it would appear that he may have crossed a line that not even he could come back from.

I still can't imagine what it's going to be like to not have him as part of the line up. Even when he was out injured he was still a central figure in the team. Each comeback was eagerly anticipated. Every goal and every tackle was from the heart.

This guy bled Red. He will be missed.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pack that truck...

So, we thought we'd call a moving company to see what they might charge us to move our belongings towards the ocean. The guy wandered the house writting notes on his pad of paper and then sat down and pulled out his calculator. Minutes later we received the bad news: $3600.

That's well over double what it would cost to do it on our own by renting a U-Haul. But then the guy phones back today. I told him we weren't interested because the price was way too high. He then asked if we would go for $3200. Again, I told him no. Then he asked if we would do it for $2500, but the catch would be that we'd have to leave next Monday or Tuesday.

I told him I'd have to talk to my boss (a.k.a. my wife) and get back to him. We've decided that it's still higher than the U-Haul, but this way we don't have to load or unload and we don't have to drive the truck. Sounds like a good enough deal to me.

Unless anyone wants to helps us move for even cheaper. Any takers?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Family fun...

One of the great things about being unemployed is getting to hang out with my family. Ate donuts with my kids for breakfast after we dropped my wife off at work. Then got started on some Christmas shopping.

We picked my lovely up after work and wrapped up the night with McD's and went to Chicken Little. Not the greatest movie ever, but it was fun to hang out with the fam and see the kids laughing!

I should probably get some packing done tomorrow. Maybe I can put the kids to work...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Walls are bare...

Everyday a few more boxes pile up and the walls and shelves start looking a little more empty. Sometimes it amazes me when I look back at our past. I remember moving into our first apartment and being able to transport everything in the back of a pickup.

Then we moved here and it took an entire U-Haul. It may have been the smallest one they had, but it was packed full. And now here we are soon to be packing an even bigger U-Haul with all our stuff (and that's after getting rid of a bunch of stuff). It's amazing how much stuff we've gathered over the years.

We just got back from a retreat with the other pastors & wives. It was good to hang out together one more time before we leave. We've still got a dinner together planned, but this was a great 4 day retreat for laughing together and enjoying each other's company.

On top of all that we've had some other recent developments. Since people have started finding out that I've concluded my ministry here, I've been recieving phone calls. I haven't been actively pursuing anything, but my wife and I decided that we would entertain conversations. God's definitely up to something.

We're both very intrigued at the possibility of doing ministry while doing our schooling. Obviously it will mean that my school will take a little bit longer, but it does mean my wife can get cruising on her Masters. She worked so hard to put me through school, that it's definitely time to repay the favor. (Have I mentioned that I love my wife? No? I love my wife!)