Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free of charge randomness...

I was in the midst of working on tomorrow night's message for our high schoolers when my brain decided to call it a day. It's actually kind of a good sign. Usually I'm interrupted every 20-30 minutes (and I'm not even that important!), but today I've been plugging away since 11:30 sans interrupts. But apparently, my brain isn't use to this and thus needs a change of pace.

So, in honor of this mid-afternoon sabbatical I offer you this randomness free of charge :
  • My wife sent me one of those "send this to 10 of your friends" emails.
  • I drank a can of caffeine free Coke.
  • I cleaned up my blog list...apparently some people have stopped blogging.
  • I can't decide which book to read next (Driscoll or McKinley). Please help...
  • My student worship team is leading worship in the service this Sunday.
  • "Everybody knows it sucks to grow up" (Ben Folds in "Still Fighting It")
  • I was awaken from dreamland at the butt-crack of dawn to scope out a mysterious crashing noise in the house...it was apparently my son. I'm still not entirely sure but I do know that my sleep did not return for at least 90 minutes.
  • I think we need another vehicle.
  • I'm behind on 24.
  • I've been approached by someone writing a paper/article/something about the keys to longevity in youth ministry. Umm...yeah...got any ideas?
Ok, that's enough...it's now time to hit the books.


the Doug said...

As for the longevity in youth ministry...
Don't quit until God tells you to, or your wife, whatever comes first.

(I had thought I'd be a youth pastor for some years yet... but God had different plans...)

Gman said...

Key to longevity:

1. Good support system.
2. Good parents.
3. Great students.
4. Great Church.
5. Great staff.
6. Great pay.
7. Great leaders who support you.
8. You know God wants you there.
9. Pray.
10. You just signed for a new home and can't get out of it and the church just extended your contract with a bonus including season hockey tickets to the NHL team of your choice!