Friday, November 30, 2007

Read that blog...

Ok, so what makes you read a blog?
Do you appreciate random tidbits of a person's life?
Are you drawn to well articulated posts about the bigger issues in life?
What's your favorite topic to read about?
Do you prefer long posts or short posts?
Do you like pictures?
How many of you use an RSS feed to keep up to date?


Tara said...

I read blogs that are funny, have random tidbits about the person's life in them, are REAL about whatever is going on in the person's life. And I use Google reader to keep up on them.
I am not usually drawn to long articulated discourses on anything. Unless its a rant. I can always use a good rant.

Patti said...

Good questions!

I read blogs that are either written by people I know (in person or online), and/or admire. I also read blogs about leadership, marketing, discipleship, and my denomination's "stuff"... there are lots of reasons for all of that.

I do like info on a person's life, especially if I know them somehow. It's a part of online community.

I also enjoy the deeper subject, and am more likely to read all of a post that makes good use of the English language.

Post length? eh, depends on content. Pictures are always nice.

And, yes, I use google reader for RSS content. Far more efficient than clicking around the web to see if there is new material, and I can process a lot more content of interest this way.

a friend said...

I like blogs with pictures of toys that someone doesn't want anymore.

another friend said...

I read blogs that are written by people.

no one you know said...

I read blogs to keep my attention away from ... you know ... sex. Did I just say that? I really meant ... seminary.

Knotter said...

That seminary can be distracting, eh?