Saturday, February 26, 2011


These last few weeks have been a blur. When you throw sick kids into a mix of school, work, and various medical ailments and top it all off with what seems to me to have been 2 straight weeks of meetings, my brain is mush.

I know I'm in trouble when I actually get a night at home and I have no idea what to do with myself. I literally wander around and try to see if something sticks. Read a paragraph of a book. Watch a few minutes of a hockey game. Try to play PS3. Bother the kids. Re-read a paragraph of the same book. Pester Erin. Pick up the guitar. Nap. Play Tetris on the phone.

So today is a welcome change of pace. All 4 of us slept in. Waffles & strawberries & whip cream for brunch. Soccer highlights have been viewed (Go United!). There's only one commitment for the day which involves getting Aidan to a soccer windup at Boston Pizza. I love days like this.

So what will I do?

Blog. Taunt the snow. Try to clean up our bunker. End up playing guitar. Who knows.

The kids have currently opted for playing quietly together, so maybe I'll take advantage of this time and play a little PS3.

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