Monday, May 30, 2011

Middle School Mondays...

One of the things that I enjoy about what I do is that I can never be sure of what is going to happen next on one of our youth nights. Rarely a week goes by without some sort of event or conversation that I would never have expected heading into the evening.

Tonight's moments consisted of:
  • Our middle school guys discovered a spinal backboard in a stairwell, so they promptly Velcroed one of the guys to the board
  • Impromptu game of Pylon Soccer in the field (with a pool noodle for added excitement)
  • A discussion with some of our 8th grade guys about dating and what 1st, 2nd, 3rd and home base mean today. (Is it just me or did 8th grade get way too knowledgeable way too quickly?)
There is something to be said about how you can do all the prep in the world for a particular event or lesson only to find out later that you weren't prepped at all.

There's no such thing as normal student ministry.

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