Sunday, July 08, 2012

Long time no see...

With the countless hours spent reading theology and writing papers for school I haven't really felt like blogging was much of a priority...or even an enjoyment. But let's get you caught up with what happened since the last episode of "Can't Find Normal".

We sold our house.
Erin graduated.
Erin got a job. (In Calgary!)
Summer finally showed up.

That pretty much sums it up.

It's starting to dawn on me that this departure will be unlike any that we have experienced in our married life. This place has a lot of memories. (And it certainly helps that so many of those memories are good ones!) We are leaving WAY too many friends behind. (Although you are all welcome to join us.) And at some point in November I will be complaining about the snow and cold like a true-blooded BCer.

Five things I'm going to miss about Abbotsford:
  1. People (I will refrain from picking favorites, but if you read this just assume it's you!)
  2. Football (coaching and playing the soccer variety!)
  3. The view from our backyard
  4. Quick trips to the USA
  5. Summer
Five things I'm looking forward to in Calgary:
  1. Friends I haven't seen in a long while
  2. Family I haven't lived close to in years
  3. Skating without having to pay
  4. Affordable (hopefully) hockey games
  5. Shorter drives to Caronport for class
Yeah...I had to dig deep for a couple of those. I'm sure Calgary will grow on us. But it's sad to say goodbye.

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