Monday, December 03, 2012

The Golden Boot Race...

Anyone who watches soccer will know that most leagues have a Golden Boot award. The winner is the person who has scored the most goals by the end of the season. I thought a little friendly challenge would be healthy for family life, so I mentioned the idea to Aidan. He was in. And here's what has been happening:

Aidan game #1: 12-1 win; no goals
Aidan game #2: 4-0 win; scores 2
Aidan game #3: 12-1 win; scores 2
Aidan game #4: 17-1 win; scores 4
Aidan game #5: 6-3; scores 2
Aidan game #6: 10-0 win; scores 5

Mike game #1: 6-6 draw, 2 goals
Mike game #2: 15-4 win; 2 goals
Mike game #3: 3-3 draw; 2 goals (Aidan was kind enough to let me count this drop in game since it was high intensity with two very good teams and my goals were stellar. Insert back pat.)

Basic math tells me he is up 15-6.
Common sense tells me I'm in over my head.

I should also point out that Aidan is finding the back of the net with complete ease. He's not the fastest kid. He doesn't have the best footwork. But he is consistently in the right place at the right time. His goals have come from his left, right, and even his head.

After his 5th game I inadvertently mentioned how to force the other team to make mistakes that would lead to goals. Then he responds with a 5 goal game and one of the best efforts I've seen him put in.

Proud poppa here.

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