Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow day...

Snow. Lots of it. Well, lots of it if you're living in BC. If you call Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta home, then this really isn't that much snow. But hey, who am I to argue with taking a day off?

I actually drove to work and found a sign on the door saying "office closed". School's have been canceled. People are stuck in their driveways. You cannot see me, but I'm shaking my head in disbelief right now.

Oh, and to all the wonderful "BC drivers"...if you're tires are spinning and you're not making progress through the intersection DO NOT HIT THE GAS HARDER!'d think that something like this would go without saying.

And lastly, now playing on iTunes is "Christmas Convoy" by Paul Brandt. My wife is loving it!


Knotter said...

Author's note: When I say "my wife is loving it" and I'm talking about country music, please be advised that the comment is actually oozing sarcasm.

Somehow she's not very appreciative of all musical flavours.

dags said...

i'm soooo disappointed in you...paul brandt is my favouritest!

theoquest said...

haha... i was once in Joplin, MO when they had about 2 inches of snow. everything shut down! Drove around with a cousin who was also there (who's from Regina) laughing at all the people stuck in slush listenning to country music.

Coutts said...

it is funny how everyone i know in BC has pictures of the snow posted on their blogs when we've got the same stuff in SK except the wind drives it into your skull thru the eyeballs. props to you mike for ackwnowledging this fact. i remember in Grade 7 school was cancelled in Mission BC due to one inch of snow. we didn't know until we got there and the doors were all locked.

it is crazy wet snow there though isn't it?


Knotter said...

Sure it's wet snow...but it's still snow. I know that I'm technically a resident of BC now, but this just isn't right.

I made some crack yesterday about how people don't own shovels out here. They just leave the snow on their driveway and hope it melts away.

If I ever complain about an inch of snow and -5C, somebody please smack me.

Coutts said...

will do!