Sunday, January 21, 2007

5 things...

Ok, so I noticed this was going around on a few blogs that I was reading a while back. Apparently if you are "tagged" by someone who has posted it, you are also required to post on the given subject.

I will admit that I was not tagged. But I don't like feeling left out, so here goes. Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about me.

  1. I once appeared on 2 episodes of "The Great Canadian Spelling Bee" which would have aired on CKND (the old version of Global) back in the late 80's. I was part of a 5-6 person team who competed on behalf of our school against other schools in the Manitoba area
  2. I once cried at an episode of "Boy Meets World". To this day my wife will not let me live this down. But if you watch Topanga leaving without Cory so much as saying goodbye (season 4, I think) and you don't cry, you don't have a heart at all.
  3. I played in a band after high school and we actually played a "gig" at a high school graduation after-party. Ok, so we didn't get paid and we were only the "opening act", but this still counts. I distinctly remember playing a song by Matchbox20 called "Push", a song by the Gin Blossoms called "Competition Smile" (where we changed the a phrase about being high to "being dry") and an original song called "Tell Me Why"(written about a failed relationship between a band member and his former grad date).
  4. I have collected Star Wars memorabilia since the early 90's. I have 3 giant Rubbermaid tubs of various toys, calendars, pens, lego, masks, lightsabers, cards and magazines. Close to 90 of my figurines are in their original packages (but none are from the 1970-1980's).
  5. I enjoy country music. This is something I picked up from some friends in high school. I've alwasy used country music when I need a break from everything else I've been listening to. There's something about being able to tell a story in a song that catches my attention.

I'm tagging the 4 people I know that read this on a regular basis. Erin, Bryce, Kelly & Jon. If you're someone else, don't feel left out. Consider yourself tagged!


Kerry said...

I've never been tagged either, and I always felt left out. Had I been tagged, I would've tagged you. So consider this a "Retro-tag" so there, you're tagged. Glad you shared. Glad to see you back, I missed the updates. Hope all is well. Be blessed.


P.S. I switched blogs.

Kerry said...

Okay, so Now that I've read them, here's some thoughts.

I totally am with you on BMW. What about the episode where Shawn gets hooked into "The Center" and Mr. Turner ends up in the hospital after a Bike crash. Shawn has that conversation with God, and walks out and says "Im done with being empty inside"... AWESOME!

I have been collecting Star Wars stuff too, but most of my stuff is from the 70's ans 80's, only a couple of things from the recent stuff.


Knotter said...

Thanks for the retro-tag...kind of sounds 80ish to me. And I'm glad to hear someone else can appreciate Boy Meets World. Maybe my wife won't think I'm crazy anymore.

And I'll be checking you blog for a list of "Top 5...", so you better get cracking.

Bryce said...

I posted my five things here...


Coutts said...

i'll get right on that:

1. I once almost got run over by Bill Clinton. Thankfully a man with a sniper rifle yelled at me to not cross the road, moments before a motorcade came by.

2. I have a strong dislike for pretty much everything on Christian radio.

3. Michael Knott are two of my favourite musicians.

4. I have been to Alaska. Twice.

5. I AM A HUGE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS FAN. Have been for 5 year. 5 years of pain, which this weekend will either be like a knife twisted deeper or a time of relief and ecstasy.

(was I supposed to do that on my blog?)

ps. i knew you collected star wars stuff.

pss. nice work with the fire alarm. amazed it took you so long in youth ministry to do that. or maybe this isn't the first time?

Knotter said...

Yeah Jon, those 5 thing should be on your blog. But I'm sure the blog-god will let it slide.

I'm a little curious about the Bill Clinton thing. Care to elaborate some time?

And it really was my first encounter with the fire department in youth ministry.