Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 weeks...

I made my last post two weeks ago?!?!

In the meantime...
  • Montreal was finally ousted from the playoffs. And as a true fan I do not support either Chicago or Philly in the final series.
  • I was led to a book by Anne Jackson called In Praise of Slowness by Carl Honore that I am totally loving and I'm only 2 chapters in.
  • Preached on Sunday. Oh...and completely obliterated the 20 minutes I was allowed. They might never let me preach again.
  • Took off to Seattle with Erin & the kids for a couple of days. Had a great time reading, swimming, and wandering the Pike Place Market. But I was unable to convince Erin that buying me an iPad would be a good use of money. She's smart like that.
  • Picked up Eric Clapton's 24 Nights at Easy Street Records. Always nice to find another addition for my Clapton collection. Always a kick in the teeth to find out it would have been cheaper on iTunes.
  • Starting a new teaching series with our high schoolers tonight called "Stories". We're getting leaders & students to share what God is doing in their lives over the next 4 weeks.
  • Bought some new soccer cleats. 6 studs. Bright yellow. And it's raining, so I'm itching to get on the field and give them a try.
  • Had a great phone call with a skinny fat guy that made my day.
I do have some book reviews coming. And some freebies. Hang in there.

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Anne Jackson said...

glad you are loving IPOS!