Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spirit of '86...

Or maybe '93.

I am filled with unspeakable joy. First the Habs barely make it into the playoffs. Then they knock off the league leading Capitals. Then they take care of the Penguins. And they do so with stellar coaching, blocked shots, phenomenal goal tending, scoring from everyone...and amidst a host of injuries to key players.

Some say that they should not have made it this far. But when you watch them play you can't deny that they totally deserve to be where they are now at.

I'm now watching the final 9 minutes of the game because I had to go to youth.

And now for your viewing pleasure...

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Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that I had goose bumps from head to toe for the entire 3minutes and 36seconds of that video... but they were uncontrollable... WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME??? (don't answer that)