Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat...

17lbs of candy later...I kid you not...the candy is sorted into two bowls: the Nut Free and the Aidan & Erin. The kids are in bed and I'm wondering what I should eat first.

Did I ever tell you about our friends? When they were growing up their parents took half their candy to give to poor kids. Turns out that they just ate the candy on their own.

One of our youth leaders is trying to raise money for a good cause in the midst of all this candy goodness, so we agreed to donate $0.10 per candy. That's $47.50. Yeah, I counted every candy...even the half eaten pack of Mentos we got.

And in other Halloween happenings, this following video made me laugh, but only because I went through that same haunted house at Universal Studios last year and I nearly wet my pants. I even fell on the floor at one point. Yes, I am a coward.

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