Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Got one of those fancy little machines that all the kids are talking about these days. You know, the iPhone. In what can only be described as one of the greatest Christmas conspiracies ever, I unwrapped a box filled with old boxers to find the familiar looking box buried within. (So that's where all my old boxers go?!?!)

I've been tooling around lately and trying to figure the machine out. It appears to have no end to useless, trivial and even mind numbing possibilities. And I must admit that it's been a pile of fun.

Most interesting discoveries so far:
  1. FaceTime chats, whether within the office with Jamie (who is two doors away) or with Brad (who has now had a first-class FaceTime tour of the castle that is my office), is completely impractical but joy giving.
  2. Angry Birds. I must fight Erin and the kids to keep them away from my phone, lest they complete levels that I have not yet completed.
  3. Movie/TV trivia is important in our house, kind of like food is important in other houses. I can't tell you how often we've had to start up the computer to find out what other movie "that" person was in, so that one of us could be declared trivia champion yet again. Now I grab the phone and hit up IMDb. I still lose the game, I just lose faster now.
As for practicality...I installed a calendar which is so far keeping me organized. I was able to opt out of purchasing a new Moleskine Weekly Notebook for the year as I attempt to go without a paper trail. So far, so good.

Anyway...all this was a lead up to ask what apps I should be installing. If you've got some recommendations please let me know as I also received a few iTunes gift cards that I should spend before my wife does.

You aren't in the iPhone loop? No worries! I'll still accept you. And I won't even judge you. But maybe you can make a music/album suggestion?

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