Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day...

It's so rare to get much snow around here, but the last week has made life interesting.

On Saturday we all headed out to the church to here some friends talk about their past (& upcoming) missions experiences. It was just starting to snow when we left and Becca remarked about how great it would be to walk up the hill later that night. (Side note: living on a mountain means that we usually have 1 or 2 times a year that we can't get up the road due to slick roads.)

We hea
d out from the church around 9:30pm and it's not looking good. Sure enough, we can't get the car up the hill so we make the 40 minute hike. Good memories, but it's a little tiring.

Then it starts snowing again last night. The phone rings just after 6:00am to inform us that the schools are closed. I hang up midway through the automated call, which means I get another one 15 minutes later. And then another one. ( Like I can't figure out the school will be closed when I won't be able to make it down the hill.) I check Erin's classes on the phone. Cancelled. Time for an old fashioned snow day!

So now, no youth tonight (we cancel when the schools cancel) and I figured I should dust off the blog. And then I realize I'm falling further and further behind on my blog reading. Then I realize I didn't even evaluate my 2010 goals. Then I realize I don't write much anymore. Then I realize there's a hockey game on...

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