Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Glowing in the Dark...

Took my lovely wife to Coldplay on Friday. The tickets were her Christmas present, and in true Knott fashion our seats were phenomenal. And by "phenomenal" I mean last row in the nosebleeds.

It reminded me of a Jets/Habs game I went to in the old Winnipeg Arena where my dad and I sat behind the net and at the top with brick wall behind us.

Regardless, this was a great show as soon as they got past the opening acts.

If you haven't seen all the hoopla over Coldplay's recent shows, you need to know that they give you a wristband that almost looks like a digital watch. You put it on your wrist and then wait for something interesting to happen.

  Quite a spectacular gimmick if you ask me.

And it was fairly effective for getting the crowd into the show. It was the same effect that happens when the crowd immediately recognizes the guitar intro of a song and they let out that collective cheer.


One thing I know, is that any time I go to a good concert I am left wanting to go to another.

So, Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge in September...anyone in?

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