Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Stupid politicians...

Ask my wife...I can't stand politics or politicians. And this just once again shows why I feel this way. Apparently some people in government have nothing better to do than criticize Hockey Canada's decision to choose Shane Doan as captain of the IIHF Men's World Hockey Championship. Their main beef is that Doan allegedly made comments about French-Canadians (directed at the officials of the match) during a game in Montreal back in 2005. And since they provide funding for Hockey Canada they feel they can dictate how a hockey team is managed.

So instead of doing something productive like raising the age of consent they'll spend their time calling Hockey Canada in to explain why they chose a player like Doan, who is a quality player and a leader on the ice, to be their team captain. Somebody please explain this to me. It can't be normal.


Nick said...

You're dealing with Canadians, what do you expect?

Jon, Angie, Elijah & Brady said...

some dude wanted to make an issue of his supposed french racial slurs and so feels fine to drag Doan (in slur like fashion) into a political quagmire of doubts about his character. and since no one wants to upset anyone they would all rather go along with the dude who brought it up than fight it. thankfully i think most sensible TV viewers like yourself are saying shut up and do some real politics. (And by the way my brother is a politician and from what i can tell they do some good things once in awhile, kind of like pastors).

by the way, shouldn't the real question the govt talks about be why we pay taxes to pay Mansbridge to pump us with anti-bush sentiment and AL Gore's propaganda campaign rather than deal with actual information about current events (which is what I thought the news was supposed to be).

Knotter said...

I stand corrected Jon. There is at least one decent politician in the world in that brother of yours...but I'll be keeping an eye on him.

I guess another question would be, when is the news not propaganda"?

The comments on Sportsnet last night echo this same sentiments. "I guess Ottawa doesn't have anything better to do."

Knotter said...

In case you're interested, visit

a moderate conservative said...

I know I'm a stranger, and I'm jumping in late. (And I completely agree that politicians are being ridiculously petty to focus on this.)

However, the kind of testosterone-fuelled, right-wing rhetoric displayed in this post and in jon's reply is only you guys falling off the other side of the horse.

You asked why the government doesn't do "something productive like raising the age of consent"?

Are you serious? (not that I agree with our age of consent laws). But really.

Jon says, "shouldn't the real question the govt talks about be why we pay taxes to pay Mansbridge to pump us with anti-bush sentiment and Al Gore's propaganda campaign rather than deal with actual information about current events?"

Give me a break, guys. This is reading like a GOP hype site. You honestly think Peter Mansbridge is fueling anti-bush sentiment? Really, truly?

Wierd. I don't even know where to begin. I feel like I'm reading something by Michael Moore -only from the right.

And finally, I don't know Nick's nationality, but his negative generalizations about Canadians are extremely offensive.

"You're dealing with Americans/Blacks/Mexicans/Africans/The French, what do you expect?"

What do I expect?

I expect people to recognize that racism is racism, no matter who it's directed against. I don't care if Nick is a Canadian himself.

I don't mean to rant, but this was such a stupid post. I'm not a stickler for political correctness, normally. But I don't suffer fools either. I'm a moderate conservative. I have moments where I like George Bush even. But, man oh man you guys.

This blog postures itself as a voice of moderation and reason. And it seems like it usually is. So I'm baffled at this outbreak of blindness.

Knotter said...

Umm..."This blog postures itself as a voice of moderation and reason."

I don't pretend to be reasonable. In fact, most of my posts aren't reasonable. Many people believe that the very football team I cheer for makes me unreasonable. Good grief...I even admit to watching American Idol!

And I think this may have been my first ever anonymous comment. I've not usually a fan of anonymous comments, but I'll even take the time to respond to your post because I like the fact that you've voiced you opinion and somehow I'm the one that allowed anonymous comments to be left on this blog.

Here's a few things to ponder:

1. I like Canadian hockey.

2. I don't like politics. Mostly because I don't understand them, and yes...that's my own fault. But it's frustrating for someone like me to watch the "ridicuously petty" things being brought up when I feel there are more important things out there. This is a beef I've always had with politics, and while I realize it's a generalization...I still find it absurd.

3. My friend Nick is in no way a racist. In fact, I think he secretly wishes he was Canadian.

4. Please note the disclaimer on the top of my page. "These are my thoughts. This is a taste of my life. Don't take it too seriously."

5. I think you're trying too hard to read between the lines on this one.

6. How do you feel about American Idol?

a moderate conservative said...

You are right. I took this way too seriously.

I'm embarassed. My apologies.

Nah, I don't like the Idol programs.