Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gotta catch up...

Here's 2 books that I was able to finish up over the vacation time.

Obsessed by Ted Dekker was my latest foray into the world of fiction. All in all, I don't think fiction is my thing. Or maybe I just keep choosing the wrong books. After reading Lamb a few months ago I thought I'd try this book that my wife had lying around. And I'm left with the feeling that it was the author's attempt to be rated R in a PG setting. Does that make sense?

I felt that the book for the most part was just missing that next bit that would have made it a really good book. And other parts were completely cheesy with random "super spiritual" moments that focused on being obsessed. It was just too much of a stretch. So I'm looking for suggestions as to what could be my final attempt at fiction. Any ideas?

This next book by Dan Kimball was very typical of the whole "emerging" line of thought. Today's generation likes Jesus but they don't necessarily care for what Christians have turned the church into. Unless you live in the stone ages, this book probably won't hold any new revelations for you. But still it's an ok read. I found some of it fairly repetitive but it's reinforcing stuff I've already been witnessing or experiencing.

The big question is what are our churches going to do with this information? And that part has me more intrigued, curious, excited, hopeful and confused than anything else.

Above all else in the book I was hit smack in the face with the reminder that I need to start spending more time with people outside of the church. I've got a few ideas, but I'm not entirely sure what this will end up looking like.

Your thoughts...
So, what do you do to stay connected to people who don't know Jesus?


Nick said...

Me...I get sloshed every friday night. Afterall we're supposed to be in the world and of the world.

is that how that goes?
Oh crap I just realized that's not how that verse goes.


jon or angie said...

i stay in my clique pretty good, but the best things i've done is play sports and get into "non-christian music" (which is better anyway) and steer toward conversations with agnostics and such rather than people who are the same as me (and therefore are boring). i also watch jon stewart semi-religiously.