Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One day and counting...

We're neck deep in getting prepared to take a pile of our students to Creation Festival. Sure, we can talk about the Christian subculture bubble until we're blue in the face, but I'll gladly cave on my feelings in exchange for the relational time that comes out of a week like this.

We've got an interesting group too. Middle school, high school, regulars, newbies...the mix is all over the map for this one.

But consider this:
  • 4 grads that came on last year's trip have worked with our student ministry over the last year
  • 3 of those former-grads-that are-now-leaders are coming on this trip
  • We have a student to leader ratio of 2:1
  • A regular driving tradition of playing the first 30 seconds of "Bullet the Blue Sky" by U2 (which we affectionately referred to as "track 4") began last year and has continued on every trip so far (one van listened to that 30 second clip for over an hour straight)
  • We had 10 tickets donated to our group for this trip
  • I was removed from food prep detail after a fiasco last year involving spam, chili and mac & cheese
  • I had 4 dozen hot dog confiscated at the border on the last trip
  • One of our leaders fell asleep with his feet on our remaining hot dog buns (and there were toe marks evident in some of the buns come dinner time)
  • 4am Wednesday will come WAY too early

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