Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing Day deals...

The best discovery yesterday was to find Manchester United top of the EPL table thanks to Chelsea's 4-4 debacle with Aston Villa and Arsenal's failure to produce at Portsmouth.

As for the rest of the last few days, it's been great. Great times with family. Great laughs. Great food. Great gifts. Ah yes...the list goes on.

Yesterday Aidan played in his first official soccer tournament at BC Place. His team lost their first game on a goal scored by a kid who was definitely not onside (but hey, they are only 6 years old). Then they won their second game and making his semi-unprofessional debut as a keeper, Aidan recorded his first career clean sheet! I'm biased, but he was stellar!

Today there is snow on the ground and we need to head back for game 3 & 4 of the tournament before grabbing a bite to eat with the rest of the family.

Until then I will probably play with Lego, race cars and maybe my guitar...if I'm lucky!

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