Saturday, April 26, 2008

Church floor collapses...

Last night Starfield played a concert at a local church. And at some point early on in their set the floor gave way (online article here). I spent most of last night with Erin and Ryan trying to track down any of our students who were there. As it turns out those that were a little shaken up but ok.

Apparently there were a few serious injuries while most of the other injuries were cuts, scrapes and fractures.

Unreal...when I got the phone call to inform me what had happened I was speechless. My students had been bugging me to take them to the concert. Wow...

Anyway, there's probably a lot of people you could join us in praying for as they sort through all of this.

Incidentally, Ryan had just stopped by to say goodbye as he is heading back home to Oshawa today. Quite a way to spend your last night as an intern, eh?