Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday telemarketing...

I have a special place in my heart for telemarketers...I'm not sure why. My first instinct is not to hang up the phone when I hear that "click" on the other end once say "hello". My brain kicks into gear and I start thinking of what I can do to enjoy the next few minutes.

So this post by Craig Gross brought a few chuckles. He recorded a few calls that he received from various telemarketers. Apparently he attempts to get the person who called him to hang up the phone by asking a never ending series of questions.

I once kept a guy on the phone for almost 45 minutes while he tried to sell me magazine subscriptions. He went through their entire collection trying to find me three titles to subscribe to so I could receive a fourth one for free. We had lengthy discussions on everything from rock climbing and running to women's health and makeup.

Near the end of the call when he was needing the official information to sign me up, I told him I had to ask my wife if this was ok. I put him on hold for a few minutes while I finished a level on my Playstation game and then picked up the phone, expecting him to have hung up. He was still there!

I told him I wouldn't be able to sign up because my wife didn't want any of the magazines. His parting shot before hanging up was "Who wears the pants in your house?!?!"

I also had an exchange with a newspaper telemarketer in Regina.

Paper selling woman: "Would you like to subscribe to the paper for an introductory rate of...?"

Me: "It sounds like a great deal, but I can't read."

Paper selling woman: "Well then, would you be interested in a weekend subscription for only..."

Me: "Umm...if I can't read during the week, what makes you think I'll be able to read on th e weekend?"

Paper selling woman: "Uh...sorry." (click)

So, next time you hear that "click" on the other end of the line, see if you an get them to hang up before you do. Trust me, it'll be fun!


brad said...

I had a time in Regina where I told the magazine telemarketer that I couldn't read or speak english! He went on and on about the different languages that their magazine came in, so I told him I couldn't hear as well... he didn't get it.

Oh ya - who does wear the pants in your family?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! This post hits home for me. I have made it my lifes ambition to "BLESS" telemarketers when they call me. My fav so far is when the poor guy explained his lengthy promotion to me and I asked him to repeat himself as I had accidentally dozed off, so here we went again... he was so patient. I asked him if he wanted my opinion on the matter and then proceeded to make a "HONK" noise for a good 15-20 seconds until he hung up. So much fun. I'll also have fun when they ask for Jarno, I'll say, "hang on one sec" and sream my fool head off into the phone. "JARNO, JARNO" over and over and over again, then I'll get back on the phone and tell them, "Oops, I don't think he's home right now."
So many more stories... good times. Thanks for this post it made me chuckle.