Friday, April 25, 2008

This will meander...


1. to proceed by or take a winding or indirect course

2. to wander aimlessly; ramble

I have almost 45 minutes to kill before I can settle in for a quiet afternoon with my TV and my latest $0.88 rental (Bryce,'d be proud!). While I may sound like a hermit, I think I deserve the right to shut my mind off for a few hours. But until then, I shall allow you a brief look into the chaos that is my mind.

Hockey Picks as I see them
Habs in 6
Red Wings in 6
Rangers in 7
Stars in 7

Reading Contest Update
I've finished The Big Idea (I should really post about this one), 2 James Patterson books (whose titles I am currently too lazy remember), and Ryan Gigg's autobiography (great footballer... terrible writer). I believe that puts me in the lead against my wife.

I have a couple.

Brad and Ben did it, so I should too as I am a follower today. So here's a few people I would love to have over for a BBQ.
  1. Sir Alex Ferguson
  2. Dave Matthews (attendance of the "band" is optional, but they are welcome)
  3. Don Cherry (Ron MacLean's attendance is also optional)
  4. (I'll ponder this one a bit more, but I think it should be someone cool)
  5. (I'll also ponder this one, but I think it should be someone cool that is female)
I'm considering purchasing one of these (it's used). I'm also considering selling my Ibanez acoustic (any takers?), and I'm selling my Squier Bullet to one of my middle schoolers. And I finally fixed my Fender acoustic (the guitar I learned to play on).

Work Trip
I'm heading to Calgary on Sunday for a few days of Internship Seminars. I'm missing out on Youth Pastors Retreat, which is a little disappointing. But I'm looking forward to connecting up with our new intern who is one of students from a previous church. The other plus side is that I get to sleep on Brad's couch.

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