Thursday, December 11, 2008

I see the sun...

A Thursday where I actually see the sun and can get to my blog while in the office?!?!

These days are unheard of. I will try to enjoy this.

I'm currently reflecting on last night's Christmas Bash. Basically it was just a gift exchange where we asked students to bring a wrapped slightly-used gift to put under the tree. Then we asked them to donate the money they would normally spend on a gift to our Compassion child. Personally I am a little disappointed by how little we raised and by how many students "forgot" to bring gifts.

We always have a few extra gifts nearby because we know some students just can't contribute. But this year it was an abnormally high number that just didn't bring something. We found ourselves scrambling around the Youth Centre and wrapping random things in yellow office paper and duct tape just to ensure that everyone would get a gift.

Next year we need to do something different. This just isn't working anymore.

But now it's time for a break. No more regularly scheduled Wednesday nights until January. Is it wrong of me to say that I'm looking forward to this?

In the meantime, I'm leading worship this Sunday with my youth band. Should be fun. Oh yeah, and worshipful.


Anonymous said...

Even if you love the kids you still need a break sometime. I completely understand and echo your break needing sentiments. Or on second thought maybe it just makes both of us bad youth pastors unfit for ministry. I don't know.

Knotter said...

i'll go with option #1. :)