Monday, March 30, 2009

Just call me a tragic comic...

10,000 points to the first person who can correctly identify which band wrote a song containing the above lyrics. (No Google cheats!)

Now on to my unrelated topic.

Where have all the good comedies gone?!?!

This past weekend I tried, and subsequently failed, to find a good movie that would evoke within me the most sincere type of laughter. You know, the side splitting, gasping for air, rolling on the floor laughing get the point.

The culprit this time around was Role Models. And while I am consoling myself with the fact that it only set me back $0.88, I'm still miffed that I was once again left without a solid 90-120 minutes of side-splitting laughter.

I've tried them all in recent months: Step Brothers, Love Guru, Pineapple Express, Superbad, Tropic Thunder, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and likely a few more that I have tried to forget about. Taking into consideration that I saw Tropic Thunder in the theater, I've probably spent close to five whole dollars on the others.

Now, I know I should count myself lucky that I haven't been forced to fork over a mind numbing $6.00 to Blockbuster each time I want to kill 90-120 minutes of my weekend, but I'm annoyed nonetheless. Each rental has left me with a few chuckles, but nothing I could take to the bank. Nothing that makes me say to myself or others, "Now THAT was a funny movie!"

Can somebody please point me in the direction of a newer release that will actually make me laugh? I want a funny movie that I'll find myself quoting for weeks to come. A movie that I'll gladly recommend to others. A film that leaves me gasping for air.

The Princess Bride.

Brain Donors.

Men in Black.

Fletch. (Just for you Jon!)

The Three Amigos.

Tommy Boy.


Napoleon Dynamite.

Seriously, what happened to all the funny?


jon said...

big lebowski?

life aquatic?


that's all i got, besides fetch of course!

Tammy said...

Mike, you have to see bedtime stories. You can wait till it comes out or if you can find some way to watch it earlier like we did, it is a great movie