Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a weekend...

It was nice to have a weekend of rest. Hanging with the family, hanging with friends, and just trying to recover for another week to come.

The Hamilton Bulldogs were in town this weekend to play the Abbotsford Heat, so on Friday night I threw on my Habs jersey and headed out to the game with Aidan in tow. I even convinced him to wear a Montreal Canadiens shirt. (This is a big deal since he is trying his hardest to convince me that he cheers for the Canucks.)

Final score 2-1 for the mini-Habs. Some quality father-son bonding that saw us ditch our upper level seats for row #2 after the first intermission. Sure, it wasn't a great line of sight, but Aidan loved pounding on the glass and seeing the players up close.

Last night Erin and I headed out to game #2 (I was still sporting the jersey) as part of our "date night" (yes, I have a great wife who will take me to hockey games!) and watched the Bulldogs thrash the Heat 4-0. Funniest moment was Jim Playfair (Heat coach) absolutely LOSING it on the bench. Thank you YouTube! We missed it because we were a little late getting back from the mini-donut run. But here's a video:

Anyways, this is about the closest I'll get to watching some of the Habs (or future Habs) play anytime in the future, and I'll just say that it was a great part of the weekend.

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