Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Have you ever listened to someone talk and then wondered what they were even saying? They say something, not even necessarily directed to you, but the topic they are speaking about causes you to question whether they are even using the same language as you.

I do that. A lot.

I just find myself stuck, not knowing how to process what I am taking in. And rarely will my brain won't kick into overdrive and help me out. I mean, come on, the least my brain can do is make a half-hearted attempt at translation, right?

It makes me wonder if my brain is actually turning to mush because of too much TV. Or maybe it's the caffeine...or the lack thereof.

Maybe it's because I don't read enough. Or maybe I just read the wrong things. Or maybe it's because I took the wrong classes. Or went to the wrong school. Or got hit too many times in the head with a soccer ball. Or fell down the stairs that one time for a video project I made in high school.

Or maybe I'm just insecure?


Jon Coutts said...

Happens to me all the time. Today it happened for 2 hours straight. I hope it is good for you. I think it has something to do with globalization, the mixing of cultures and worldviews, and, hopefully, humility and learning. Or it could be the TV.

knotter said...

Sometimes it is good and challenges me to try and learn. But other times it is just plain frustrating.

the Doug said...

Ya my brain is mushy too. I blame it on winter coming back where we are. Or it could be laziness.