Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to normal...

One of the things I love about BC is the fact that I can play soccer year round. The only problem I have had these last 4 years is that I have been unable to connect with a team that actually plays during the summer. So I've been stuck with lots of rainy Saturdays on the pitch instead of sunny warm evenings.

But that came to an end. A guy I know from Aidan's school and who I play against in our rec league has been trying to get me out to play for their coed team. Yeah, it's coed, but it's still a chance to play the beautiful game.

Tonight was my first time playing since March (I think) when our team lost a semi-final match in extra time. And my body was shouting at me pretty loud...and it still is. But I was able to net a couple, which is always good for the soul.

Summer soccer is normal. I've missed it.

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