Monday, June 21, 2010

Island Life...

We got back last Thursday night from "the island".

And while the recovery process has been a little difficult (lack of sleep combined issues), I find it hard to try and describe to others what I experienced.

Here's a short recap:
  • Seeing a 5 year old pray for healing...and seeing those prayers answered.
  • Being taught what hospitality actually looks like.
  • Eating some amazing food.
  • Eating only one meal that registers on the "Uh oh...I probably should not have eaten that" scale.
  • Eating a small lime whole...and being mocked because I couldn't handle it.
  • Sweating more than I have in the rest of my life combined.
  • Visiting pastors & churches & small groups.
  • Leading some seminars on marriage.
  • Eating a pineapple off a string.
  • Getting prayed for.
  • Breaking a camera lens.
  • Squishing a cockroach on our hotel room wall. The guts remained there 2 days later.
  • Learning about "the mystery" of island life.
  • Being the middle of the front of our entire group!
  • Teaching a group of students.
  • Finding a spaghetti dinner for supper.
  • Playing along with the worship team and discovering that I did not have the stamina to play that fast for that long.
  • A pig roast.
  • Almost getting attacked by a bat in a cave/tunnel.
There is no way to sum this trip up. We spent almost 3.5 hours on the weekend taking our parents through the pictures and telling stories.

I loved every second of the trip. It has opened my eyes and my heart.

But now I'm tired.

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