Friday, August 20, 2010


Last year I got invited out to speak to the Senior Teens at Camp Kawkawa. I was only able to spend a couple days there because of prior commitments, but I had such a blast that I asked the director, Wayne, if he would give me first dibs this year. He did.

I just got back. And it was a blast. I haven't done a week at camp since I was the same age of my own kids, so this was basically a brand new experience. Late nights, early mornings, food, games, campfires, waterfront...shall I go on?

The best part was I took my family along for a few of the days. They put us up in a brand new bungalow that overlooked the lake. They fed us like royalty. Seriously, this camp has the best camp food ever.

Only one problem. I got wiped out midweek by some bug that Becca had last week. I was up for 2 nights with a fever, headache, sore muscles, sore throat, and an inability to generally cope. I'm over the worst of it (which Aidan and Erin and just now entering in to), but it made for a rough couple of days where I slept the afternoons away instead of being on the lake.

This week was yet another solid reminder that I love working with teenagers. Fascinating creatures that they are, life is never dull with them around. I was talking all week about "Encounters With Jesus" and we definitely got to see some first hand encounters. I even got to participate in 6 baptisms on Thursday morning.

All in all it was a great experience to be had.

But now it's back to "normal life" and we all have to shake this stupid bug.

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