Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love the So Cal...

I don't know why but I've developed a soft spot for Southern California over the years.

We just got back last night from our latest adventure. We were able to snag some cheap flights in April and decided it was time to take the kids on a "flying" vacation.

Thanks to a little help from Grandpa, the kids thought they were flying to Vancouver Island right up until we passed through the security clearance when a guard said "Take your parents on all the scary rides, ok?"

Best response from Aidan when we finally fessed up, "Does this mean we aren't going to the Island?"

But what a blast we had. Exploring Disneyland, eating In-N-OutChick-fil-A, wandering through Hollywood, driving along the coast and just generally enjoying non-stop time together.

Highlights of the trip:

I drove our rental car straight off a curb thinking it was an exit from the parking lot. Lesson #1 learned: It pays to get the extra insurance.

Becca on the dance floor...only it was Bieber that was playing. Seriously...she jumped in there with very little prodding. You won't see any pics of Aidan on the dance floor...unfortunately he deemed dancing as too embarrassing.

Watching the kids get picked for Jedi Training. Aidan was thrilled to face off against his hero...Darth Maul.

Finding a a mall parking lot! Sure, it was in the middle of LA, but still it's kind of funny, right?

Jumping on the Grizzly River Run minutes before the park closed. The was the most water we got hit with ever on this ride!

Acting like California tourists and strolling for stars.

Checking out the Hollywood sign.

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