Thursday, September 23, 2010

The perks...

Part of my job means that I get to perform weddings. (No...not perform "at" weddings a la Adam Sandler.) That's something that not many people get to do, and I count it as a great privilege.

Last weekend I was asked to perform the wedding for a former student turned co-worker turned friend, Swarley (but properly known as Josh).

What a blast! It's even better when you get to do a wedding for someone you know, as you
get to tell embarrassing stories about them during the ceremony.
Josh...remember the time I made you watch Twilight on your own as an internship project?

Josh...remember that time you went speed dating in exchange for me buying your supper...and all you ordered was a salad!

Josh...remember the time you turned bright red during a trip through the mall when someone pointed out the lingerie section and said "Look's boobie land."

I actually didn't tell that last one in the ceremony, but it's still pretty funny.

After the Friday night rehearsal which was held in a church I previously worked at, we decided to sneak down into the basement and check out the youth room. It was remarkably similar to the way we had left it almost 5 years ago, except that it was obviously getting ready for a paint makeover.

Nonetheless, it was a great little hike down memory lane.
  • the full wall picture frames one of our leaders designed (and ended up getting used at some Youth Specialties seminars)
  • the fire hydrant acquired during "The Van Thing"
  • the Playstation we left behind that Erin & I had bought each other as a wedding present
  • the "Living Room" sign we developed for the basement door
  • the scribbles of "RIOT" and "LUG" on the pillars
  • the only thing missing was the sign in the crawl space saying "No floor hockey in the crawl space." (Mike Yaconelli would have been proud!)
Many things that represent parts of 5.5 years of my life. It makes me wonder what my memories will be like another 5 years from now. And how many more weddings I'll get to do for friends and former students.

Anyways...congrats Josh & Nicola! So glad we could be part of your day.

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