Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Normal Goatee...

I meet the Youth Pastor stereotype of having a goatee.

However, I do not grow it to be cool. I grow it out of necessity.

You can only be asked the question, "Where's your Youth Pastor?" so many times before your confidence is shattered.

I know you didn't ask for it, but here's some little known facts about the fur on my face that you might find interesting:
  • I started growing it in July 2006 because I thought it would be a fun change of pace for someone who has rarely ever needed to shave more than twice a week. (And one of those weekly shaves was just so I could say that I shave more than once a week.)
  • Yes, I do trim it. (Usually after someone mentions that it looks like my chin threw up.)
  • Most guys see my beard as an accomplishment. Random guys comment "Nice beard" or "Cool...how long has that taken." Most females think it's gross and say mean things about it.
  • My wife tells me that she doesn't mind it. But I think that's because it makes me look older. (Women apparently do not like being seen as old or older.)
  • Yes, it does trap food. The worst culprits are ice cream and pie.
  • I usually get a couple of comments at church each week about it. Most of those comments revolve around how to remove it from my chin.
  • I do have people ask if they can touch it. Seriously...and I don't understand this one. Why?!?! But, if you must, I prefer you ask before you try and grab at it.
  • My old intern Ryan used to love pulling at it to see how many hairs he could pluck out. I think he once got 5 and I may have shed tears. This is why I don't like people grabbing at my chin.
  • Erin & Becca have placed berets in it on different occasions. They usually don't last long.
  • It has been braided...just not properly.
  • One of my students offered to make it into a dreadlock. (Yes, singular.)
  • I got called Senor Goatee by a little girl on the Island in the Sun.
  • I tell people it will come off as part of a fundraiser for a youth group missions trip. (Or maybe for me to attend NYWC in the fall. Maybe I could swing both...so start saving and make me an offer.)

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