Thursday, March 03, 2011

Prayer (and why I quit coffee)...

I'm terrible at praying. I pray too little. I pray too weak.

I'm self-conscious when I pray. My brain slows down. My words jumble together.

Two weeks ago I made an agreement with someone that we would pray for each other (and our families) for the following week. I knew I'd have a terrible time remembering to keep at it every day. Yet, I knew I needed to do it.

So I quit coffee.

Every time I was tempted to head to the staff room to fill up the cup or to grab a Coke from the fridge I remembered to pray.

Then on the 11th day I caved and enjoyed a French Vanilla from Tim Horton's.

My prayer life...much like the rest of me... is a work in progress.

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Tammy said...

As bad as this sounds, I am the exact same way and am currently surrounded by dedicated prayers. I feel horrible as I go about my day saying only a few short 5 word prayers and end up climbing into bed with the doom and gloom that I have done it again. I try and make up for it at the end of the day and get in a deep prayer but with my eyes closed, under the warm blankets and the lights out, all I get in are 5 or so words before I am sound asleep.