Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Post Youth Conference...

In our staff meeting yesterday I was highlighting our recent trip with some of our high school students to Calgary to be a part of Legacy Youth Conference put on by Ambrose University College.

I was commenting on how I could easily place this as one of the top trips I've had the pleasure of being a part of during my student ministry career. The group of students and leaders was perfect. The drive was a blast. The memories we created were priceless. There was lots of laughter. There was significant conversation. Great worship. Quality teaching. The list goes on.

After our meeting I headed downstairs and find a little card in my mailbox. I open it up and find $250 of gift cards for Best Buy. Apparently we won "Youth to the Booth"! I don't even know what that is. But I do know there is no complaining here.

After fighting the temptation to stuff the cards in my pocket (hey...I'm just being honest!) and say it was my reward for yet again giving up an entire weekend of my life to be stuck in small spaces with students , I started wondering what on earth we would spend it on.

I'm stumped. Any ideas?


Mike said...

Jumping off yesterday's post... I could see a Red Devils Small Group outing to Seattle in July!

Mike said...

Now, having posted that comment, I realize $250 at BestBuy will do absolutely nothing to help anyone get to Seattle... sorry. Maybe you could buy a video camera to use at the game.

knotter said...

Maybe I need to find someone who would sell me tickets in exchange for Best Buy gift cards! Ha!