Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'll be honest...

I'm one of the world's biggest procrastinators. Seriously, I'm beginning to recognize that I may need professional help. Here's one main goal/task/problem/adventure/nuisance/dream/dilemma/obstacle that is beckoning for my attention:

Student Ministry Model

We haven't changed much about the student ministry since I came on staff, but one of my goals for the year was to evaluate our current ministry model and try to determine if there was a more effective way of running some aspects of our ministry. So, I've asked the questions, hosted the meetings, collected the surveys and put all the results on paper.

We looked at four potential models (midweek split, small group focused, weekend service, midweek combined) and then had the parents add a fifth which was really a combo of 2 or 3 of the first four.

As you can well imagine, everyone has an opinion and none of them are the same.

But now I'm stuck. I've reached that inevitable leadership conundrum where a decisions just needs to be made. The problem is that as a world-class procrastinator (and I don't take that position lightly) I'm ignoring the file that is calling at me from the mess on my desk.

I can't take an easy way out as a leader this time and just go with the majority. I can't hope for a consensus on behalf of everyone else. I can't ignore it and hope it goes away. I will not settle for status quo. I guess that's what makes me a leader.

But that means I may have to get off my butt in the very near future. I'm sure it will be good for me and for all involved.

In the meantime...look, there's a book I've got to read.


theoquest said...

I could cut and paste this and it would be totally fitting!

...but there are a few other things I've got to do first...

Jon, Angie, Elijah & Brady said...

do it! do what you know you have to do! go with your gut!