Thursday, June 07, 2007


Last week we were talking about Matthew 25 with our High School students and we were trying to find out what it means to actually look after "the least of these". So, we sent the students out with this simple homework: look for an opportunity to show love.

Last night we wrote those ideas down and tried to pick a few that we could focus on as a group. But then came the interesting part. I thought it was important that the students be mobilized and that they do the leg work on getting this stuff up and running, so I threw it at them. I sent around a piece of paper and told them if they would like to be part of the team that would put the plans in motion, that they should sign up.

I thought I'd be working with 3 or 4 at the most. I'm now left with a list of 11 students. A bunch more committed themselves to helping out whenever we got something off the ground.

I heard someone say a few weeks ago that they believe the younger generations are a more selfish generation than in the past. I didn't buy it then and I definitely don't buy it now.

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