Monday, June 25, 2007

Yeah, it's Monday...

I was going to post some random stuff that's been happening or will be happening this week, but then I got bored with that.

Instead I will say that I had the chance to "preach" during the service yesterday. I use that term loosely because in reality I was only asked to prepare 5 minutes. I was bringing the voice of a generation that is currently missing from our congregation.

Like many churches across North America (and even the world to some extent), there are large numbers of people between the ages of 18-35 that just aren't attending what we might call the "traditional evangelical church". And like many churches, ours has gone through the ups and downs of music "discussions" over the last year.

This talk on Sunday was all about perspective, and the question was "what are we focusing on?". It was designed to bring a year of discussion about "worship through music" to a close. And my SP had asked me over lunch a couple of weeks ago to add my insight to the morning.

So I did. And wow...was I nervous. I've never been as stressed about a 5 minute time frame as I was this past weekend as I prepared and waited for the moment to arrive. It also turns out that my comments were the closing of the message portion.

But, rather than take the last word for myself, I quoted one of my students who just a week ago said this, "Aren't we all here for God, not music? We're one church, shouldn't we act like it?"

But that was not the real closing. Our church was then able to witness first hand what public repentance looked like as one man took to the stage to apologize.

I cannot help but wonder what things would look like if we did more repenting on Sunday morning than singing.


cheryl said...

Mike, having witnessed Sunday morning first hand I have to tell you, you were awesome! And I do not say that lightly. You really caused me to think and challenge myself. I too am guilty of judging and ridiculing. I don't think you could have possibly worded it better than you did. Your lovely wife told me just last week that change is on the horizon and I saw it just a little this past Sunday. Good on ya Mike!

Knotter said...

Thanks Cheryl for the kind words.