Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday...

Since I have nothing more profound I'll opt for solidifying my case for "Dork of the Year". My humble opinion is that the best Batman ever is of course the newest one with Christian Bale. This morning I came across an image of the newest batsuit which is going to appear in The Dark Knight. So here's a quick recap on the evolution of the batsuit.

Adam West:

Michael Keaton:

Michael Keaton:

Val Kilmer:

Val Kilmer:

George Clooney:

Christian Bale:

And here's the most recent one for Christian Bale:


Kerry said...

Im with you on the Bale as the best Bat. He's also a pretty good Bruce, but actually I liked Clooney for the Bruce part. The new suit looks awesome, I don't know how Ill respond to the actual new head movements though, Im kinda used to the way the Bat moves. Looks good though, hadn't seen that yet being in Africa for a while kinda kept me outta touch.

Can you believe a team created after a Disney movie won the cup? Unfathomable.

Knotter said...

Good to hear you're back! And yeah, I can't believe it either. A Mighty Duck? I know they dropped the "mighty", but we all that Disney is still doing a victory dance.