Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. She turns 30...ummm...I mean 29.

These are 30 things that we (Yes, the kids spoke into this as well. You can try to figure out who said each one.) love/appreciate/enjoy/admire about this amazing woman:

1. I love her 'cuz she loves me so much!
2. She wears nice clothes and shoes.
3. Her tickles (and her ability to receive tickles)
4. Sunflowers!
5. Her snack making.
6. She gets me pizza.
7. She willingly chauffeurs us everywhere.
8. She helps us (all three of us) with schoolwork.
9. Her hugs and kisses.
10. She always has the best ideas for what to do on our days off.
11. Her patience with 3 of the most stubborn people on the planet.
12. I love playing soccer with her.
13. Her socks!
14. Her ability to dress all three of us!
15. She lets us cuddle into bed with her.
16. She takes us to the beach.
17. I love her because she plays with me.
18. Her addiction to all things numerical (Sudoku, accounting, math tutoring, banking...)
20. Because she reads books to us.
21. She makes us good supper and bakes well.
22. Her crazy Nintendo skills.
23. She colors pictures with us.
24. She builds Lego with me.
25. She takes pictures of us.
26. She puts up with the "Truck Got Stuck" song.
27. I love her so much because she tucks me into bed.
28. Her taste in food...mmmm....Azteca...
29. Her creativity and scrapbooking abilities.
30. She's a hottie at 30! (ok, that was from me, not the kids)

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