Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday randomness...

I lack anything super profound as it seems to be a day/week/month full of a hundred different things. So here's a sample:

  • I'm listening to Mark Driscoll's podcast from the Convergent Conference. He lays into guys like Doug Pagitt, Brian McLaren and Rob Bell and some of their teachings. Sure, I think some of them have some goofy (how's that for an accurate theological explanation?) beliefs, but I wonder if it needs to be Mark's job to constantly refute everything they say. I've enjoyed Mark's books and his teaching. I've even visited his church. But I'm not sure where I'm going to settle down on some of his more recent rants.
  • Am I over-reacting when I see my son's struggles with school and friends?
  • I think my wife is more beautiful at 30 than she was at 29.
  • Fall TV has returned. I am breathing a sigh of relief.
  • My recent admission to watching UFC has raised eyebrows.
  • My team beat the team in blue 2-0.
  • My other team probably won't win this weekend.
  • What's the one main thing we can take away from Jonah 1?
  • The new CD Remedy by the David Crowder Band was released today. Buy it.
  • My soccer cleats don't fit properly. Anyone want to by a pair of slightly used size 9.5 Nike Zoom's? They're a couple years old but hardly used due to all the knee injuries.
  • I'm struck by the memory of my kids as we've currently taken to reading through the book of Daniel.
  • I'm struck by the memory of my students as we pick up our study of the book of Mark in our Sunday morning LifeStage class. They remembered a lot from last year.
  • We are now once again a one car family. If you would like to contribute to the "Knott Family Sanity Fund" which will facilitate the purchase of another set of wheels, let me know.


Kerry S. said...

I agree with the point on Driscoll. I listened to the podcast as well. I to have gained alot from his books and downloading his messages. I've read some Pagitt and McLaren and I do disagree very heavily with some of their theology and POV. I feel that he kind of thew Bell in there not knowing much about him. While I don't 100% agree with everything from Bell, I don't think he deserves to be lumped in with these 2 and called out in such a way. I think M.D. had some valid points, but I disagree with his methodology in which he presented his views. Anyway...

The reason I stopped by was to tell you that your team needs your help. Check it out - http://nhllogos.blogspot.com/

Knotter said...

Wow...I never thought it would be a close race between the Habs logo and that ridiculous looking Blues logo!

And many thanks to Erin for spell checking my blog after I posted it. I added a missing word and corrected a typo. I really should learn how to spell check myself.