Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Sasquatch...

But man, did it rain. It started Saturday morning and it stopped long enough for us to start a fire before it started again. Water everywhere. So much water. The girls slept in all the cars because their tents were water logged. One guys tent could be labeled "waterfront property" based on the size of the lake that gathered right outside the tent doors.

One leader slept in a raft. I kid you not.

I slept like crap. I didn't eat well. (In case you forgot, I did the cooking. Ask me sometime about my 35lb iron pot and how we were able to feed 22 people canned ravioli without a can opener or spoon.) We were also unable to do a single thing we planned. Yet everyone seems to have had a blast. As for me, I should probably just go to bed now. But the Community Shield has drawn me in. (I'd link to the Community Shield for you but I don't want to ruin the score. I have almost made it through the first half.) Ok...goodnight. On to the second half.

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