Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The contest update...

Not to be confused with "the contest", this is the other contest.

I think Erin gave up. But I'm still tracking my numbers because that is where I find my value. (I'm kidding, of course.) Here's how my reading has been going. Some of this you already know, so stick with me ok. Pat me on the back and tell me you like my hair or something. I've had a bad week.

Book #42 - In the Woods by Tana French
I was looking for some new fiction. I can't even remember how I decided on this one. I think it might have been suggested on Amazon or something. Either way, it was a beast of a book that took me some time to work through. I thought it was great writing especially to start out, but I was thoroughly disappointed with the ending.

Book #43 - Churched by Matthew Paul Turner
My review is here. A free book that was a quick read filled with chuckles.

Book #44 - Youth Ministry 3.0 by Mark Oestreicher
My review is here. Marko's review of my review is here. Seriously, it was a little strange to find my words on someone else's blog. Anyways, this book a must read for you if you work with students. It'll make your head hurt. But it will probably be good for you.

Book #45 - The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie
You know him as Dr. House, but he's also a really funny author. I wasn't too impressed by the story of an arms dealer with a conscience, but the writing kept me in it until the end.

As for what I'm currently reading, I have two books in the works that I can't seem to find enough time to read lately. Since I'm taking the upcoming Monday off, and since Tuesday is a stat holiday, I should be able to catch up.

Ha! Wishful thinking.

What are you currently reading?

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