Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday musings...

I'm taking the day off after weeks of "gentle" reminders from my wife and from my exec pastor that I'm needing to take a break.

(Yes, I'm aware that I have some really good people around me.)

It's not like I don't take time off. It's that I don't take enough time off.

So today I slept in while Erin drove the kids to school. Then I cleaned up the house a little because I didn't know what else to do. I did some reading. Now I'm catching up on some blog reading. I'll probably play a little guitar sometime soon as well. And I'll just avoid the phone and my email.

I'll come out of my shell for high school small groups tonight, but that's about it.

For my fellow pastor types, when was the last time you took a day off? What did you do?


brad said...

what's a day off?

the Doug said...

I try to take Monday and Saturdays off.
Monday's I actually guard closely. I'm too wiped after Sundays.
Saturdays are less guarded. This past Monday, I was lazy around the house and then I took my son Owen to the park in the afternoon (he had no school). I made a bigger meal then I sometimes do and then after the kids were in bed, watch tv and played video games.

Anonymous said...

Jenn and I took this last weekend off and went into Regina to visit friends and family. I take every Monday as my "day off", but it's often busier taking care of Payton all day than a simple day at the office.