Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where did everyone go...

Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is dropping off the blogosphere?

I've lost count of the sheer number of people who have either completely given up their blogging, or at the very least they have taken a summer break.

I say this with no disdain whatsoever. In fact I have a great level of respect for anyone who recognizes how they need to change priorities and then has the fortitude to follow through with it.

But I wonder if Twitter has not hastened the death of blogging?

I use my blogs to try and keep up with people, some who are close friends while others are minor celebrities. Now most of those people are using Twitter which means I fairly regularly hear about what they're up to. Which seems to do away with any need to blog, right?

Be honest, are you thinking of giving up blogging too?


jonkramer said...

While this "minor celebrity" has slowed down his blogging, it isn't the result of twitter. It's more just a summer lull. Hopefully I'll get back at it in the fall.

I'm happy though that you've kept up your blogging!

jon said...

twitter seems like more of a threat to facebook than to blogging. blogging seems to be about talking about stuff. tweetimg is more like saying hi at the grocery store.

Tarasview said...

I twitter. but I kind of hate it. So no, I will not be giving up my blogging for twitter - or anything else social media related - anytime soon.

Todd Porter said...

I am not giving up on blogging. I still find it valuable.

the Doug said...

nope not giving up anything, and twitter is only fun with something like tweetdeck

knotter said...

i guess it must just be the summer lull.

i gave up facebook for vacation, and it's kind of been nice. but i think i'll end up back there again because so few of my students use twitter.

and jon kramer, you are the one person on my list who is no minor celebrity. i see you as real deal!