Monday, December 28, 2009


Josh, you'll appreciate this one.

You'll need some backstory though to fully enjoy this one.

My neighbor seems to be physically & emotionally pained when someone parks in front of her house. The curious part is that anyone who parks in front of her house is also legally parking in front of our house, but she seems to have claimed ownership of this specific piece of public property.

I should also note that we have had "run-ins" with her about this in the past where she vents about the need for us to park elsewhere. Something that is difficult to do on a street where most houses have basement suites and that means multiple vehicles.

In fact, she called bylaw officers a week ago to report an abandoned car, which happened to belong to my brother-in-law and his wife who were visiting from Alberta for a few days over the holidays. The bylaw officer showed up knocking on the door and was apparently a little irritated when he heard what was actually going on.

Either way, I usually try to park on the other side of the driveway just to avoid the headache. (I'm not a big fan of confrontation.) But, arriving home from church on Sunday the only spot available was that infamous piece of public property. So I just parked it and haven't moved the car since.

Well, it just so happens that Erin found this on the windshield this afternoon.

Is this passive-aggressive?

I'm so annoyed right now.

It's hard to live at peace with people when they do silly things like this.

Maybe I should just move my car...


Tammy said...

Absolutely NOT! Do not move your car. Instead, buy her something nice on the 70% off shelf as a late Christmas present. Then, get one or both of the kids to go next door with you to deliver the Christmas goodies. When you do, apologize for taking the last spot available in your time of need. Then if she insists on complaining. It is fair game and the war is on.

JoshaJacobs said...

There are very few times where I can truthfully say lol, this was one of those times. I'm sorry about how frustrating it is though. Maybe you should start knocking on her door and informing her of when you need to park in that spot. Maybe she'll stop caring or get sick of you knocking on her door.

knotter said...

excellent ideas. if i step on her property though, she might be tempted to tape a note to my face.

jonkramer said...

I thought people like this only existed in Douglas Coupland novels. Crazy!

Although, by underlining "cars" instead of "your" it appears that she might be fine with you parking vans, trucks, and busses at her house.