Monday, December 07, 2009


On Saturday our soccer team (ranked #2 in the league) played the team in last place (they have yet to score a goal this season).

In all my years of playing soccer I have never been involved in a game like this. This portion of a team email should explain:

Hi guys;

I have the scorers as,

Stew - 4
Taka - 3
Mike - 3
James - 3
Vic - 1
Kevin - 1
and one own goal that was almost Chris's.

Did anyone else get one?

Vic, you just got the one, right?

Chris, did you score a legit goal as well as that one they put in their own net?

Let me know if anyone else scored.

At least 16 goals are accounted for (11 in the 2nd half alone...some of which we played with only 9 men to match their 9 guys) and not a single one against.

I credit the other team for not walking off the field, but this is still ridiculous.

I was sitting with one goal midway through the 2nd half when I sent a shot wide from a few yards out. Some smarty pants on the other team decided to smack talk me about not getting my hat trick that day. (Seriously, who smack talks when they are down that many goals?!?!) So, I scored 2 more.

Anyways, not a good game to play the week before we take on the top ranked team.

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