Friday, May 06, 2005

Another bad knee...

On Monday night I played my first outdoor game of the season. This was my first game on grass in quite a while, since I missed last season due to an ACL replacement.

I was feeling good about being back out their too. I got a few runs in, some shots at the keeper, and I was getting some decent tackles in. I even gave the ref a piece of my mind for missing a hit I took after a whistle...and then I got booked. Oh well...

But then it happened. I planted on my left leg and tried to make a quick cut back to my right...and then CRACK! I think anyone within a few feet of me heard it. I knew right there that I was done.

A 2.5 hour ER visit showed no damage to the bone, but suggested that I had now torn my MCL. That might mean 6-8 weeks in a leg brace and then rehab time on top of that. There goes most of this season too.

I'm beginning to wonder if my footballing days are done. I don't think I can handle another one of these time consuming injuries. FYI, isince 1998 I have torn the MCl on my right leg, broke my left ankle, torn the ACL on my left leg and had it surgically replaced, and now the torn MCL on the left leg.

This can't be least, it shouldn't be.

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