Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Reality TV...

I thought that reality TV had hit an all time low when they decided to give Britney Spears a show, but then I notice "Rob and Amber Get Married". Good grief! Who watches this stuff?!?!

My wife had the Spears show on for 5 minutes and I was begging her to change the channel. I wish I had something more profound and intellectual to say but all I can manage is, "Sheesh, that sucked!" And that phrase doesn't even do the show justice.

Thankfully, Rob and Amber didn't find their way across my screen tonight. I was rooting that they would win Amazing Race, but now that I know they had this in the works, I'm glad they lost!

But when it comes to good TV, I can't wait to get into Best Buy and pick up Newsradio on DVD. I've been waiting for that for years!

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